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Morrissey Brothers on Law TV Show
Watch for our new television show, Morrissey Brothers on Law, on channel 15 in the Bowie, Maryland area. Each program highlights changes to laws, current court decisions and issues of legal interest--providing an intelligent, humorous and lively discussion. We welcome your comments and questions. Please click the email link below to send us a question or concern you would like to see covered on our show.

Local Cable Show Schedule
Typically, Morrissey Brothers on Law airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 6:00 PM. However, please check your local listings for exact times and dates as they change due to the channel's scheduling.

Show Video Clips
Video clips of Morrissey Brothers on Law will be posted here when they are available. You will need the Real Player media plugin to view the video clips. If you do not have Real Player, click on the graphic below to download the free Real Player plugin.

Ask a Question
Click on the link below to email your legal question to Morrissey Brothers. Some questions will be picked to be answered on the cable TV show.

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