About Morrissey Brothers, P.C.


Morrissey Brothers Firm History
Since it's inception in 1978, Morrissey Brothers, P.C. (then known by its founder, Jim Morrissey) has concentrated on family law, personal injury and criminal representation. In 1980, Paul joined the firm to create Morrissey and Morrissey bringing experience in business and finance-related issues to the firm.

With the addition of Bobby in 1987, the practice expanded to include bankruptcy and related issues as part of its offerings. When John joined the firm in 1992, Morrissey Brothers had grown to a firm of four attorneys-all brothers. The firm currently offers legal assistance with respect to bankruptcy counseling, wills and estate planning, business law, personal injury, family law and criminal representation. The Morrissey Brothers attorneys are licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia as well as Maryland.


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